SiddAR (Siddha Initiative for Documentation of Drug Adverse Reaction): Android Mobile App for AYUSH Pharmacovigilance Programmes: An Efficient and Easy Way of Assessing ADR

  • P Sathiyarajeswaran Director in-charge, Siddha Central Research Institute, CCRS, Chennai
  • MS Shree Devi Research Officer(S), Dept of Pharmacy, Siddha Central Research Institute, CCRS, Chennai.
Keywords: “SiddAR”, Android mobile APP, ADR, Siddha, AYUSH, pharmacovigilance.


Background: Mobile phones have become integral part of human life. A mobile application helps in Delivering food and also helps to conduct Delivery. Apart from connectivity android and iPhone make ease of all activities.  One area of those applications is healthcare applications. “SiddAR” (Siddha Initiative for Documentation of Drug Adverse Reaction) Android Mobile App is a pioneer app of its kind in AYUSH which helps in documenting, reporting and improve the communication of safety issues related to adverse drug reaction. Siddha Central Research Institute, Chennai is a Peripheral Pharmacovigilance Centre developed “SiddAR”, a free smartphone app available on Android stores, for reporting adverse drug reactions and requesting drug safety information instantaneously.

Aim: In AYUSH pharmacovigilance, contemporary documentation process involves in submission of reports through filled in physical forms / online forms. Rapidity in Reporting would be lifesaving and also helps to prevent mortality and Morbidity.

Methods: 25 single questionnaires in the report form were combined in the App. Algorithms were written and mobile app was designed using Android Studio with Eclipse plug-in along with SDK tools and manager. The app runs on android based Operating System of version 2.1 or higher.

Results: This Android app helps in real time documentation, lessening the time consumption and promotes the habit of being vigilant with drugs in market and their defects in manufacturing process. This App enhance the Researcher to document ADR in Clinical trials. This app would be a boon to the AYUSH health professionals and support team like nurses, AYUSH pharmacy persons and allied AYUSH persons to report the adverse events caused by drugs and to stream line the process of ADR reporting and analysis.

Conclusion: “SiddAR” ADR android mobile app can be an effective alternative method to manual ADR analysis and can become an important tool in strengthening the AYUSH Pharmacovigilance programmes.