Standardisation & investigation of preliminary phytoconstituents at three stages of fruiting of figs of Udumbar (Fius racemosa Linn.)

  • Rajanee Vijay Jadhav Dravyaguna, YMT Ayurvedic Medical College & PG Institute, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai
  • Sambhaji Tike Dravyaguna, YMT Ayurvedic Medical College & PG Institute, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai


Background: Udumber (Ficus racemosa Linn.) is a plant seen mostly all over India. It’s every part i.e. root, stem, leaves, fruits, ksheer are used in treatment of various diseases Diabetes, Diarrhoea, Cancer by its pharmaceutical & nutritional properties. Though having medicinal property abundant amount of its fruits are wasted. It green fruit is eaten as vegetable in villages & ripened fruits are eaten. Udumber trees are seen in so often Udumber fruiting is in clusters & 2-4 times in year. Feasibility of fruits are good. They can be eaten directly or with honey/sugar/jaggery/ghee. Therefore it will be cheapest, easily available nutrition to children, in pregnant woman, malnourished patients of cancer, diabetes, HIV, Koch’s etc as compared to available costly nutritious, pharmaceutical drugs. Materials and Materials and Methods: Samples were collected 5 seasons of its fruiting throughout year from Kharghar –Navi Mumbai & are authenticated. Collection of equal amount of samples each at three stages of figs of Udumber (Ficus racemosa Linn.) i.e Unriped figs (Bright green), Middle stage between Unriped & ripened (Reddish orange), Ripened Figs (Red) from different clusters of same plants randomly. Standardization were done according to Ayurvedic Pharmacopia of India. Study were done in 3 stages i.e Pharmacognostic study,  preliminary phytoconstituents study and analysis of collected data by ANOVA method done. Result and Discussion: Ficus racemosa is with ripened fig- LOD-0.11%,ASH-8.05%,AIA-0.746%,ASE-8.896%,WSE,- 28.304%,pH-5.2.Proteins-9.34,Carbohydrates-22.88,Fixed oils : 2.736, Unripened Fig- LOD-0.11%,ASH-9.842%,AIA-1.26%,ASE-9.764%,WSE,-16.264%,pH-5.2. Proteins-9.07%, Carbohydrates-21.64%, Fixed oils: 5.12% Primary metabolites present as Carbohydrates, Proteins & fats. Presence of secondary metabolites like Tannin, Glycosides, Steroids, Caumarins, Flavonoids in all stages of ripened & unripened figs. Alkaloids & saponins are not traceful. Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Silica, Potassium etc. are present in all stages.

Conclusion: ANOVA test done for statistical evaluation.There are no significant difference in view of Physicochemical & phytoconstituents evaluation at three stages of figs of Udumbar.